Things to do in Grenada

There are so many attractions in the Caribbean to look forward to but Grenada is the best of them all. Grenada has been able to skip the hurricane of 2017 which left most of the islands around devastated yet Grenada stays safe. There are so many other things than its landscape to look forward to. Here’s all of that:

Hidden coasts

There are so many different beaches in Grenada to look forward to and while everyone is tanning in the sun, you should take a path down to rugged Atlantic coast. There are so many different hidden coves out there and with beautiful untouched ethereal golden beaches and coral reefs where the roaring waves never calm down yet the calmness comes within. Sit under the mango tree and have passion fruit mojitos and creamy soup made of green leaves and Grenada’s special plant.

Water fall

The beautiful city has a breathtaking water fall cascade to offer which falls from the height of 70 feet tumbling from a volcano slope. Follow the trail of the long dark road which will lead you up to the lush greenery that opens up to the breathtaking islands. If you’re a swimmer than it is going to be a life experience for you where you are allowed to take a dip into the wilderness of the jungle waterfall and live a Mowgli life for real – even if it’s just on the vacation.


Grenada is world famous for their nutmeg and chocolate which is considered one of the finest cocoa specie in the world. The island produces almost a third of whole world’s nutmeg supply which also includes cloves, mace and ginger. Grenadian cuisine is popular for its spices as they play a huge role in it. According to an old folklore if you rub the nutmeg onto your feet you will be relieved off the pain and considering you are a tourist who must be out on adventures all day long it will be hard for you to keep up on your feet.

All in all, Grenada is a beautiful place to visit and we believe you must acquire Grenada passport to be able to enjoy its beauty along with Antigua citizenship, you can be on a vacation all your life.