Things to know about tyres

Tyres are an extremely important part of a car and why wouldn’t they be, after all tyres are that one thing which is keeping your vehicle moving. Sometimes the most important details get lost when we take a look at all the technical things about these huge rolling rubbers and this is why we have listed down things that you should know about tyres:

  • Air pressure

We all know that air pressure is one of those things that is emphasized most about the tyres. It is true that an underinflated or even an over inflated tyre can cause huge problem to the vehicle and even become a threat to its performance. When you take your tyres to auto repair workshops Abu Dhabi you will see that the workers take special care of inflating them because it is the air in tyres that’s holding the weight of the vehicle and when that weight is unbalanced it can cause performance issues ultimately leading to a shorter lifespan than expected.

  • Body piles

If you are new in the game of tyres then body pile is one thing that you should be aware of so that you can make a good decision for yourself. Body piles refer to the layer of fabric used to make up body of a tyre which is covered and sealed by the rubber. These layers determine the strength of tyres which means the higher the amount of layers of tyres the higher the strength they possess. When you visit tyre shop in Musaffah ask them about the number of body piles as it can range anywhere from 2-30 depending on the type of tyre.

  • Sipes

Anyone who resides or travels in snowy and rainy weather conditions should definitely consider tyres with a zigzag sipe patter in them because sipe is the cut in the tires which allows water to pass off quickly from the tread making it easier for a faster and quicker movement of car all the while eliminating the risk of slipping. Sipes in general allow the increased grip between the tyre and road for a firmer movement of vehicle.

Make your life easier with these few things that you know and remember about the most important part of your vehicle because such information always comes in handy.