Steps to use a Polycom system

There are some of the best video conferencing systems are available but the Polycom video conferencing is the best way to have better experience as compared to others and it is also providing a great range of features for the users. You can use that for lesser people as well as more people for some bigger companies and there will be no lad or problem in the system as it will integrate all the people easily without any problem. The interface is easy to use despite some of the features. You can have Poly x30 and if you are new to that then here is a step by step guide to operate your Polycom system:


The first step is that you have to attach the system with already present system and then you have to turn on the button in order to get it started. For this you have to hold the green button on the remote of Polycom for a few seconds so that the system will grab the signals fork remote and you have to keep it pressed until you see a blue light which is flashing on the unit. This light will indicate that your system is now turned on successfully.

TV screen:

After that you have to turn on the screen to start the video of that system and for that you have to press the power button on the remote and it will turn on the TV screen. After that you will see the setup running on the screen and it will take about 3 to 5 minutes and you have to wait for that before you go further. Do not rush to start working because the system will take some time and you have to be patient with that. You can set up all of your files in the mean while to save your time.


After getting the setup done you can start having the video conference and for that you have to use the navigation pad on the remote to select the person with whom you want to call or many people which you want to ad in your conference group and then you have to press call button. It will start calling to the next person and you can start your conference when the other person picks up your call.