Quick Guide to certified pre owned cars

Every now and then we hear people refusing some very amazing offers of used cars for sale in Sharjah because of a simple factor that it is not warranty and reliable which would mean wasting the money just like that. Well, these issues were brought under consideration and that’s why there are certified pre owned cars brought into the market. Let’s take a look what the term ‘certified pre owned’ means.

Before someone tries to fool you just remember that there are two typed of certification. The first one is the manufacturer certified which everyone aims for and some customers assume this is what certification means while the second type is the dealer’s certification.

  • Manufacturer Certified

When you opt for manufacturer certified Toyota pre owned Dubai for example, it must have gone through a standardized inspection and evaluation process which would determine if the vehicle meets the criteria of a pre owned car and if it can opt for a certified status. Though every brand has their own set standards and warranty extensions but most of the time a certified car will have some kind of extension warranty term from factory. Do your well research and see what kind of additional perks the car covers.

  • Dealer certified

You will have to lookout for these certifications because as suggested by their name these cars are certainly not verified by the manufacturers. The dealers will have their own set criteria of certification which may or may not match with the standards of the brand. Sometimes the dealer certified cars won’t have the warranty but it is certainly better than buying from someone who doesn’t have either of those.

It is true that certified cars will cost more than the regular pre owned cars but it provides the buyers with confidence and satisfaction that their money won’t be wasted in a span of few months when the car breaks down without any prior notice. Sometimes the price can be ridiculously high that you may buy a new one in the same amount. So make a wise decision and don’t be fooled by dealers and manufacturers just because of lack of research. Take some experienced person with you who can guide you well about the cars and dealing.