Bouncing castles, also known as closed inflatable trampolines, are temporary structures, built for amusement purposes, for children of all ages. You can never grow up enough to get out of bouncing castles. They are not only a great source of fun and joy among children, but are really beneficial for their health too.

As Dubai is the entertainment centre and it has many indoor theme parks, it is also rich in bouncing castles, which are a source of attraction for the residents as well as the tourists. Bouncing castles in Dubai are in secure areas like malls, parks, schools and restaurants; they provide a safe and guarded environment for the children. These places usually have a toddler’s only zone as well where you can keep your babies in baby cots and do your shopping or eat your food without any worries. Baby cots in Dubai are easily available

You can even rent jumping castles of different sizes and themes for your special events and occasions. It was really difficult to find bouncy castles of different themes but now the rental industry for bouncing castles has gained much popularity that you can find its various types.

Jumping castles also increase the physical activity of children. You can boost your child’s stamina and strengthen them, by providing them an entertaining environment. It helps your children stay fit and healthy. 

Children usually get bored easily by doing same kind of activities but these jumping castles have various gaming zones. They have different slides, basketball area, obstacle course and much more. Children don’t easily get bored and they would not stop until they get tired.

These packages full of fun and laughter, are not only restricted to children only, but there are a lot of bouncing castles in Dubai, which are welcoming for adults even. You don’t have to just see your children enjoying, but you can have fun along with them. These places are usually built to target obesity and diabetes in children and adults, in an amusing and innovative way.

The ticket for these places is cheap and inexpensive ranging from AED10 to AED80, but is slightly increased on weekends, depending on the time limit and the size of the jumping castle. 

It would be really great to take your children to these bouncing castles regularly, not only because of their physical growth but also to develop them mentally and socially. This will definitely boost their imagination.