Facts of Augmented Reality

Like everything augmented reality also has a lot of facts and one many facts is that it is the most expensive kind of technology ever made and it is so expensive that it still requires more than a million to get a small project and it is estimated that by different companies that businesses who are connected with the augmented reality, they will making more than 20 billion dollars by the end of 2023 and the numbers will always increase because this technology will always grow and all the other technologies will be based on this because this is the root of the latest and the most advanced technologies that will come in the future. You can hire different augmented reality agencies in Dubai.

This is the only technology that covers almost all kinds and field of life, the coders and developers and engineers said that by so far they have made at 47 percent of the games, 14 percent of the utilities apps, 12 percent of the entertainment apps and 11 percent of the lifestyle apps which means that there are still a lot of walks of life that need to be covered with this.

And the best that is going is games, you must have seen different kinds of games that require different kinds of goggles to play the game and now there are different kinds of shopping malls and different property vendors that they use this technology. For more info see it here.

Believe it or not but the malls that use this technology, earn more than 3 billion dollars a month. It is estimated that in the next 3 years, at least 11 percent of the people will be using augmented reality to play games, travelling and even get healthcare as well. there are different people who will be able to purchase different kinds of properties by seeing them at home by this technology. 

You must be thinking that people who are shoppers, they don’t need to get things from the physical store but little do they know that those people might convert to this technology because at least 13 percent of the people are already reverting to this technology. And the current 11 percent of people are using this technology are the gamer and only 2 percent are the shoppers.