An insight about the POS machine

When you go out for shopping or for a dine-in in a restaurant then you will see a POS machine there using either credit/debit card or cash. You may have the experience to use that a few times but you will definitely not know about the system behind its working. So the next time when you visit any Revel restaurant POS then you should see the machine a little closer. Here we are going to explain the insight of the POS machine in Dubai so that you will get to know about the working behind that small machine. The POS is the abbreviation of point of sale which explains its purpose that it is built to make the check outs at the time of billing. There are a few soft wares are used in these machines which are as follows:

Computer: There is a need of computer screen for this machine to show you the inside of the card or to show the list of items that are being sold by the store. For the computer screen there is hardware and software working behind the system which needs to be updated every now and then.

Software: For better operation of the machine there needs to be a latest POS system in the machine which keeps it operating in a no time. If the software becomes out dated then the machine will no work properly or timely.

Card acceptor: This machine has a slot to accept the credit and debit card. Most of the people are now more likely to use the cards instead to cash most probably because of the ease of using cards and also to avoid the theft of money.

Drawer: This machine also includes a small drawer including several small compartments to keep the cask there. The different compartments are used to keep the cash notes of different amounts separate and to keep the coins separate. It is important so that the cash will be given to the customer in no time and they will not have to wait for the change to be counted by the salesman.

Receipt: Receipt is an important part of any sales and people will demand to have that if it was not given so the POS machine also has a receipt printer in it.