Types of cleaning services offered by cleaning companies

Dubai is Dubai. No other city can beat it in luxuriousness and fine dining. It is the city of facilities and lavish lifestyle which you will be given by the provision of good and rich food, branded clothes, easy jobs with handsome pay? Big and glass-made shopping malls and many other things that can drop the jaws like their cleaning services and Burj Khalifa.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are home to thousands of cleaning companies that offer different services in every street and part of UAE to the contacted clients. Each company has different rates and charges. Some of them are affordable for middle class but some companies’ target audience and consumers are elite class so they charge more but none of the company charge less than 35 AED for each hour.

There are so many services which they provide to help you out completely but some of them are:

  1. Residential cleaning: As its name suggests, residential cleaning is related to house cleaning. The companies have hundreds of workers who can be hired as maids to clean your homes within two to three hours. They can hired to provide you the service of villa and window cleaning in Dubai but for this you need to hire more than one maid so that it can be cleaned fast. These maids have expertise in sweeping, dusting, and moping. They can even help you out in cooking and kitchen chores too. However, you need to put 100 to120 AED aside for them.
  2. Corporate cleaning: The companies have thousands of workers who experienced in working at offices and companies as cleaner. The companies send these workers as team to their clients’ office after training them for a day or week to provide the client with exceptional services. The workers clean the place so efficiently that no one can be disturbed by their presence and work.
  3. Deep cleaning: If you have any get-together or simple party at house, then you need to clean your house completely. This cleaning is called deep cleaning. Majority of the companies provide the service of deep cleaning in Dubai in which they send their experienced workers at your home who will clean the place from all corners and make it smell free.
  4. Window cleaning: Window cleaning is not easy. That’s the reason why do companies train their workers to clean windows and glasses efficiently. These efficient and trained workers use different sprays and equipment that bring back the lost shine of your glasses.

So, these are few kinds of services which most of the companies offer to their clients and customers which can either be a housewife or a company.

Hope my article and words have helped you to find a better maid and better service at least for today but do remember that they have more than this to offer. They can offer you other services too like swimming pool cleaning, sofa cleaning and many others. So, choose what you want to choose.