Salary Slip Template

Find below a salary slip template to generate salary slips for your employees and other staff. An important business document prepared by an owner or accounting department of the company for employees to reveal details about their salaries or money earned during a particular period of time is acknowledged as salary slip. It indicates information about an employee’s salary like name of the employee, designation in the company, basic salary, sales commission, bonus, overtime payment, deductions and month of the salary etc. Salary slip if often required document by banks to open a bank account. Using salary slips, employees can keep track of their earnings on monthly basis. If there is need to create salary slips, we recommend you use of salary slip template for ease. It is designed in Microsoft excel and equipped with all necessary contents to make salary slips faultless.

More about Salary Slip Template:

Salary slip is a business document that is signed by employees at the time when they receive their salary. Salary slip is a printed piece of paper that contains information about salary of that month like person’s name, his designation, his basic salary, total pay for the month, any deduction, advance payment if any etc. All information on a salary slip is placed in proper format. Here we present a salary slip template to give you idea about drafting this simple document. We have prepared this salary slip template in MS Word 2007 to give you complete ease of downloading and customization according to your needs.

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