Packing List Template

Out below listed packing list template is perfect to create packing lists quickly without wasting precious time. A packing list can be explained as a document containing details about contents that are included in a shipping package that has been shipped from one place to another. Packing lists are usually prepared by sellers or shipping companies to provide basic and necessary details about goods delivered either to consignee or end user. Packing slip is another name of packing list and can be used in every walk of life to ensure that goods are shipped accurately as ordered. Microsoft excel is powerful computer program that allow users to make packing lists easily but little bit awareness about use of the program is required to do so. There is a ready to use packing list template that one can utilize to make packing list in couple of minutes.

Free Packing List Template:

Packing list can be a business document or a personal list used to make a list of goods to be packed. Usually this list is drafted and used as a business document. This list contains information about the goods packed like number of goods, nature of goods, price of goods, weight of goods, sending date, issuer’s and recipient’s names and contact details and so on. A packing list will be drafted in professional manners. Here we present a packing list template that can be used as a business document without any compromise of professionalism as this template has been created by a person expert in drafting business documents. We have prepared this packing list template in MS Word 2007 with sample text and sample business logo. You can make any change in this packing list template like changing its text or replacing sample logo image with much ease.

Download Packing List Template:

Here is a preview of this packing list template.

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