Construction Agreement Template

Construction agreement is a legal document that specifies rights and duties of people associated with a construction project. A construction agreement is signed by the contractors and subcontractors for timely completion of a construction project using the agreed standards of materials and work quality. This legal document will contain detailed information about the construction project that legally bounds the parties to follow the terms and conditions. Any person can call the other for explanation if he feels that proper work is not being done. All terms and conditions are written clearly like what situation will terminate the agreement and what charges will be imposed to the defaulter of the agreement. Drafting a construction agreement is not so easy. Here we present a construction agreement to give you idea about contents of this document. We have prepared this construction agreement template in MS Word 2007. All its contents are editable. If you are going to sign a construction agreement, you can use this construction agreement template as your own document will full confidence.

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