Birth Certificate Template

Design your own personalized birth certificate using a birth certificate template available here free of cost. Birth certificate is recognized as an important personal document used to record birth of a newly born child. Birth certificates are used all over the world but formats might be different as per rules and regulations of different territories. Information mentioned on a birth certificate may include name of the child, parent’s name, gender, place of birth and religion etc. Birth certificate is considered as a primary document to get a legal identity, applying for passport, to get admission in academic institute as well as to receive old age benefits etc. Most of people like to design custom birth certificate in order to commemorate the birth of a new child. Birth certificate is a ready to use document that assists a user a lot when making birth certificate personally.

More About Birth Certificate Template:

Birth certificate is a vital record that is used to document birth of a baby. Birth certificate is of greater importance in a person’s life at different stages. Different states can issue different designs of birth certificates usually containing same information like hospital name, parent’s names, baby’s name, birth day and time, weight, family number etc.  If you want any idea about design and information to be provided in birth certificate, you are welcomed to use our birth certificate template. We have prepared this birth certificate template in MS Word 2007 to provide you maximum ease in use.

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