Attendance List Template

An attendance list is used in different organizations to keep a record of attendance of students or employees. Usually attendance list is maintained for whole month in one sheet but it can be on daily basis also. An attendance list in any school will include names of students, date, day, lecture name, lecturer name and signature of the lecturer while in an organization, attendance list will contain list of employee names, arrival and departure time, date and day etc. Preparing an attendance list is very simple. Here we present an attendance list template to give you idea about preparing an attendance list. We have prepared this attendance list template in MS Word 2007. All its contents are editable. You can download this template, save a copy of it and make changes according to your needs.

You can use this attendance list template with much ease as you will not require making any payment for its downloading and don’t need to install any software for editing it. Making registration with the website is the restriction on most of the sites for downloading their templates but we don’t restrict you in any respect for using our template. If you are willing to use this template, you can make it your own with just one click on the download button given at the bottom of this post. Here is a preview of this attendance list template.

It is hoped that few of these instructions for using this template will assist you in getting most of this template. Click on the download button and make this attendance list template your own.